Growing Faith
Eaglemont Christian Church is committed, in simplicity, to knowing God, loving people and serving the world. Our aim, by God’s grace and enablement, is to be as effective as possible at seeing people come to personal faith in Jesus Christ and grow deep in their walk with Him in community with other Christ-followers.

Since our first Sunday gathering in Beaumont in 2006, Eaglemont Church has been a place for people seeking spiritual answers to life. Anticipating growth in Beaumont and area, as well as our church family, we see wisdom in saving for new and expanded space for future ministry and outreach.

 The Need

  • Prior to the addition of a portable on the church property, our Sunday Children's Ministry felt significant space restraints.

  • Our church is used significantly and in a wide variety of ways, both for church programs/ministries and by groups in our community. Future opportunities to make connections with people and groups in our broader community await us on the other side of facility expansion.

  • A new auditorium, suitable for weddings, will give us the opportunity to serve couples in Beaumont and area, and help us contribute to the establishment of strong marriages through pre-marriage counselling.

  • With facility expansion, Children’s Ministry will have full use of the gymnasium space on Sunday morning.

  • Beaumont's population (as of 2018) is almost 19,000 and growth projections indicate that could reach over 22,000 by 2021.


The Journey
Our current facility was paid off in 2013. At that time, our Pastor's Council did not feel the Holy Spirit's leading to immediately begin the process of saving funds toward expansion. Rather, in keeping with our missions focus, we launched a Generosity Journey in 2013.

The Eaglemont Christian Church family gave generously to support various needs in Beaumont and across the province, including families facing economic and natural disaster related challenges, and community capital and service projects. During this generosity journey, we grew our missions-focused hearts to give and serve beyond our walls.

We now seek God's leading toward future facility expansion on this property that He gave us to steward and use for His work. We see the expansion simply as one more tool to help us reach more people for Christ. Even though a building will be an outcome of planning and saving funds, this Faith Expansion journey is about more than a building. It’s about serving and reaching as many people as possible for Christ and expanding our faith along the way.  

We have not yet set a 'shovel in the ground' date. Our current course is to continue the process of saving the required funds for future facility expansion while remaining focused on the on-going ministry of reaching and discipling people with the gospel. We have set a $4 million milestone - the point at which Eaglemont Christian Church's leadership will prayerfully decide whether the next step is to continue saving or to inititate the construction/expansion process.