The Project

Expansion Proposal

  • 11,000 sq ft main floor includes multi-use auditorium with seating for 600 in regular and community gatherings.

  • A full basement will serve children, youth ministry and outreach programs with 11,000 sq ft of flexible space.

  • Engineered for sound, lighting and visual capabilities that will facilitate clarity in the spoken message and connected, lively worship.

  • Café for people to connect with each other before and after Sunday gatherings.

  • Mezzanine with fellowship and prayer area.

  • More capacity for community use and the addition of space for a pre-school.


  • Eaglemont Christian Church has set a $6 million budget for the expansion.

  • The cost estimate for this new facility was $5.77 million in 2015 (when the campaign launched).


The architectural drawings were developed to show the building expansion layout and its various components. They are conceptual drawings, not detailed building plans (those will be developed before construction starts).

To view drawings, click here.